About Me

Welcome to my blog!

My Container Home Build Journey

I am a proud Colorado native and have always loved our incredible mountains. While I love most everything the city has to offer, I felt the mountains calling me. Unable to resist, I’ve decided to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city. I’m going to move up to the mountains and build a small home so I can live simply, soaking up everything mountain life has to offer!

After deciding to go for it in the summer of 2016, I began my journey. I have spent countless hours researching, preparing, studying, networking, planning and searching for the perfect land for my new dream home. Needless to say, this has been a huge learning curve.

I have looked at properties that have old cabins or homes that I could restore and renovate. I’ve also considered starting from scratch on vacant land, building with modular, log homes, kit homes and now have narrowed my choices down to building my home with shipping containers! (Check out the About R³cubedhome for details on how and why I decided to build with shipping containers).

My Personal Journey

My personal journey over my 40 something years on this amazing earth has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride filled with an abundance of learning opportunities.

Like I mentioned above, I am a Colorado native and thoroughly enjoy everything this wonderful state has to offer! My parents divorced when I was 12 or so and it was a total shock to my younger sister and I. We really had no clue they were having troubles. Our dad left the state not too long after that and was rarely seen nor heard from over the years. Suffice it to say I was slightly lost and confused. I went from a straight A, perfect attendance student to smoking, doing drugs, drinking, ditching school and just being an all around rebellious bad teen. Long story short….I met a boy, ran away from home, left the country with him and his family and came back months later pregnant.

That part of my journey started at 15 years old! I have been a single mom of two incredible now young adults most of their lives. My daughter is 27 and my son just turned 20. Boy oh boy did I learn A LOT about life struggles from having a child so young but wouldn’t trade any of it for the world! Ups and downs, good times and very bad, life celebrations and struggles but thru it all it has brought me to this magnificent and grateful place I am now!

In addition to being an empty nester mom, I enjoy being an Airbnb host, part-time entrepreneur and working part-time outside of the home for a non-profit in Boulder. In my “spare time” I enjoy networking with amazing like-minded small business owners and work from home doing research for my container home build and now working on this blog too. But most of all, I absolutely LOVE being a rescue mom to my 8 year old Corgi, Harley.

So here I am, just being authentic me! Opening up my heart, dreams, tears, research, life and home plans, connections I have made and putting all of this onto a page I am going to call R³cubedhome. (Check out the About R³cubedhome for details on how I came up with the name).

Thus far my journey has been filled with questions, intrigue, curiousness, squeals of joy, quite a few side glances but over all positive experiences and feedback. I want to continue that theme and share that with anyone that wants to join me here to share in my excitement, as well as learn and grow from my container home journey!

My kids and I in Mexico

My son, Dad and Mom, my daughter’s fiance, my daughter and I

My daughter and I

Me with my daughter and my mom

This is my four-legged kid Harley