About R³cubedhome

What is R³cubedhome?

My hope for this blog is to allow my followers to utilize my research and resources to help them with their land research, shipping container, non-traditional or tiny home build. I am a little over a year into my research on purchasing my vacant land and have learned a ton. Consequently, I am learning WAY more than I thought I ever needed to know about digging a well, septic systems, land easements, setbacks and of course the real meaning of “gently sloping” land HA! Researching the actual build options has been more fun and Pinterest has been a huge part of that! My Pinterest board is FULL of build ideas and home plans.

Why not let my painstaking research help you save some of your precious time? Please tell me the things you have struggled with on your home build. Send me your ideas for blog posts! Let’s help each other get the word out on shipping container, tiny home and non-traditional home builds!

How did I come up with the name R³cubedhome?

A while back I made some notes and was looking back thru them, a few words stood out to me that I circled on the page.

My notes were:

1. UPCYCLE shipping containers

2. REJUVENATE land (potential burn areas)

3. Use RECYCLED products wherever possible

4. REPURPOSE shipping containers

The 3 bold words starting with the letter R stood out to me the most and I came up with the following: Repurpose/Rejuvenate/Recycle = R³ = Rcubed = R³cubedhome. Since the containers are “cubes” essentially that added to the name too. In addition, I am currently looking to use 3 shipping containers in a U shape for my own main house container home build.

Hence, R³cubedhome came to life! Come along for the ride, join me here on my container home journey!