Container homes and structures might not be as popular here in the United States as they are in other countries but we are making strides towards it.

Here is a great Google Map of International Container Homes and Structures (2019 update, it appears Google has deleted this link, more reason I suppose to get your info updated on mine!)

Contact Me form to send me the details. This blog post will be constantly updated as more get added. Please feel free to comment below with your own favorites you think should be included and come back often to see the progress!

r3cubedhome map of container homes, structures and builders

Want to see more incredibly creative uses of shipping containers? Check out my Pinterest link below to see everything from apartment buildings, workout rooms, pools, workshops, garages, greenhouses, shopping centers, man caves, she-sheds, coffee shops and restaurants. Creative container uses

Want to see more shipping container home plans and designs? Check out my Pinterest link below for hundreds of ideas to get your plans started! Container home plans and designs

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