Here are just a few of my favorite shipping container homes that have helped inspire me to plan my own container home.

Open living area!

This was one of the first images I found that really struck a chord with me. I loved the openness of the center space, the high ceiling/roof and large open windows at the end! Open living area plan

Colorado container home!

This my friends is a container home here in Colorado! I was thrilled to find this one because the owner/builder used exterior insulation! I want to do the same with mine to keep the container look on the inside as well as the space since its already at a premium! Nederland container home

Open courtyard plan!

I saved several pictures of home plans with courtyards and open areas between the containers. Courtyard home plan

Incredible roof line!

I love the roof line on this plan! Roof line

Just the basics!

I like the simplicity of this plan and the windows on the end of the containers. Simple house plan

Bamboo in the tropics container home!

This is a very similar design to my plan as well. Don’t you just love the use of bamboo for the ceiling!?

Bamboo groove container home

These are just the tip of the iceberg of my favorites, here is a link to my entire Pinterest Board that has many more container house plans and ideas.

My Pinterest Board

What comes to mind when you think about shipping container homes?

modern industrial?

cold and harsh?

eco-friendly and innovative?

Share your thoughts and comments below please.

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