One of the things I get asked the most is “Why do you want to build a home with shipping containers?” Because I do tend to be a bit of a smart ass my typical response would be – “Why not?!”

Truth is I have looked at a number of options for my build. Everything from log, modular & manufactured, kit, stick builds, metal and even tiny homes on wheels! All things considered what has attracted me the most to using shipping containers for my build is the following:

*Time savings– The amount of time I have to build in the Colorado mountains is quite smaller than it would be even in Denver where I currently am. It can snow up there more months than not out of the year which equals a smaller building window. The time savings versus a stick build for me will be huge! Did you know most container home builders can pre-fabricate your home offsite in a warehouse in a matter of weeks? You will have your land prepped and home delivered to be placed on its foundation, utilities hooked up and you can be living in it within DAYS! 

*Structural strength– I am no engineer or architect and don’t claim to be but shipping containers are built to be tough and support tons of weight! Not to mention crazy weather conditions! **disclaimer – obviously when you look into cutting any holes in containers for windows, doors etc that decreases the stability and strength of the structure, therefore they have to be reinforced.

*Cost– depending on where you live you might be able to get containers for cheaper than in a landlocked state in the middle of the US like I am. I am estimating between $1500-3k for the 20 foot high cube containers and $3k-5k for the 40 foot high cube.

*Aesthetics– I absolutely love the modern industrial look of the containers! My container home build will literally be a work of ART! As a lot of you might potentially think like my future neighbors-who wants to live next door to rusty old shipping containers though?! I agree to a point, yet I have plenty of gorgeous container home examples I can show you to counter that argument. In an effort to make the exterior of my home pleasing to neighbors as well as keep as much of the interior space as possible I am looking to use exterior only insulation (see future post link here on this subject)

*Repurpose and Recycle- One of the biggest draws for using shipping containers is the fact that they are just sitting around shipping yards across the country rusting away. Why not repurpose them!? I have seen them used for apartments and office space, emergency shelters, swimming pools, barns and garages, pop up farmers markets, food and beer service and pot smoking stations! Check out my Pinterest board on creative container uses below for examples and more ideas!


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